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Olecons, with a decade's QA expertise, employs AI and ML for efficient software testing. From procedure setup to continuous testing, our approach leverages advanced technologies, ensuring precision, speed, and quality throughout the application lifecycle.

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App Development

Harnessing the Power of AI & ML for Smart Innovation

Transform your current systems and enhance your workflows through the power of AI and ML as a service. Our skilled AI developers are capable of revolutionizing the way businesses function. Gain the ability to effectively address consumer demands with an intelligent business solution. Additionally, our team offers customized web applications and AI-infused applications that provide new value through the utilization of machine learning.


Discover Our Diverse Range of Services

Machine Learning Development

Our team specializes in constructing robust unsupervised and supervised algorithms to automate your processes effectively. By minimizing the need for human intervention, our algorithms enhance operational speed, reduce errors.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning embodies an exceptionally refined and state-of-the-art iteration of machine learning, providing elevated levels of automation. Harnessing the power of this pioneering AI technology, we empower substantial enhancements in forecasting and decision-making.

Conversational AI

Our AI solutions go beyond conventional chatbots or smart conversational platforms. Instead, we offer highly contextualized and interactive answering platforms that efficiently address customer queries while comprehending behaviors to provide superior service.

App Projects

We Are Expert Nearshore Developers for Your Mobile App Projects


Deploying AI Technologies: Step-by-Step Process

Olecons simplifies the deployment of AI technologies with a seamless process for innovation. From defining objectives and collecting data to selecting models, training, and integration, we guide you through each step. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient deployment, transforming AI into a strategic asset for your business. Choose Olecons for a future-focused and personalized approach to technology.


Understanding Client Needs: Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, Olecons meticulously explores and understands client needs, setting the stage for tailored solutions. We prioritize client objectives, ensuring a profound grasp of requirements to foster client-centric innovation. Through careful consideration and attention to detail, we create an environment that encourages innovation tailored to the unique challenges faced by our clients.


AI Solution Development: Prototyping and Testing

In AI solution development, Olecons focuses on prototyping and testing for robust and effective systems. We create prototypes for hands-on evaluation and conduct rigorous testing to validate and refine the model's performance. Our iterative approach ensures fine-tuning and optimization, aligning the AI solution with specific objectives. Trust Olecons for a comprehensive yet streamlined prototyping and testing process, paving the way for successful AI implementation.

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IT Management

Help your customers achieve their business objectives efficiently.

Product Design

Design a unique product for success in today’s competitive market.

Data Security

Safeguard your valuable information and ensure its privacy.

Data Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to analyze and interpret data.


Consulting Services We Provide

AI Consulting Services

AI technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge products and services that cater to evolving customer needs, positioning businesses as industry leaders.

ML Consulting Service

AI technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge products and services that cater to evolving customer needs, positioning businesses as industry leaders.

Built for SMEs And Startups

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Development

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

AI technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge products and services that cater to evolving customer needs, positioning businesses as industry leaders.

Scalability and Adaptability

As data volumes grow and business requirements change, AI systems can seamlessly adjust and accommodate new demands, ensuring long-term viability and flexibility.

Improved Customer Experience

AI-powered chatbots are intelligent systems that can understand and respond to customer queries promptly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Advanced Data Analysis

AI algorithms can process and analyze large datasets at incredible speeds, uncovering hidden patterns and correlations.

Cost Savings

With increased efficiency and optimized resource allocation, organizations can minimize expenses while maximizing output.

Enhanced Decision-Making

AI systems can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and extract valuable insights in real-time decision making process

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

AI enables automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic and complex responsibilities.

Improved Security

Machine learning algorithms can identify anomalies and patterns that may indicate cybersecurity breaches or fraudulent activities, enabling proactive measures to protect sensitive data and assets.


Process We Follow

Super Fast Process
Requirement Gathering

We follow the first and foremost priority of gathering requirements, resources, and information to begin our project.

Super Fast Process
UI/UX Design

We create catchy and charming designs with the latest tools of designing to make it a best user-friendly experience.

Super Fast Process

After designing, you will get your prototype, which will be sent ahead for the development process for the product.

Super Fast Process

Development of mobile application/web/blockchain started using latest tools and technologies with transparency.


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Olecons specializes in technologies such as .NET, AWS, Android, Angular, C#, DevOps, Golang, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, React, Unity, and iOS development.
Olecons has been in business for over 11 years, providing innovative design and development support to clients.

Yes, Olecons can take clients from idea conception to a fully functioning app or web presence, providing end-to-end solutions.

You can contact Olecons by filling out the contact form on our website, sending us an email at, or calling our office at +91-8357081101